Ohio talks hiv

Ohio was experiencing a rise in HIV infections. My role was to design, write, and facilitate HIV community education events in Ohio cities, titled Ohio Talks HIV. The goal was clear, but difficult: in one day, train health care professionals to assess risk of HIV infection in their clients or patients, and lead their client to accurate information and/or the appropriate professional.


  • Presenting taboo or uncomfortable health information in the form of a game can help set the tone for a productive learning experience
  • Generalist health professionals benefit from pathway-style resources that guide them to directly intervene with clients, instead of referrals which can lead to clients dropping out of a continuum of care


My Roles:

  • Studied and absorbed a high level of HIV knowledge, and proved my development to our client (an HIV expert)
  • Developed a communication style for live events and take-home materials that was medically accurate, yet colloquial
  • Wrote copy for and managed production of a comprehensive take-home info packet
  • Managed logistics for ten events and facilitated five events 

Event and take-home resources I wrote; graphic design credit to SUMA Social Marketing: