Tennessee is a proud state with a litter problem. The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) spends $15 million annually cleaning up litter, and wanted to convince the next generation of Tennesseans that "Nobody Trashes Tennessee" (NTT). In conjunction with launching a new statewide brand for litter prevention, my role was to create a youth campaign to reach upper elementary and middle school students. So we created "Trashsquatch." Think "trash" + "Sasquatch," a fun, 7-foot tall creature that's uniquely Tennessean. Unlike other school presentations, Trashsquatch's appearances are brief and spontaneous. He runs into a classroom creating a moment of surprise (teachers know it's coming) and the Tri-Star Rangers follow, wrangling their large friend and delivering a 10-minute presentation that motivates students to be litter preventers.


  • Middle schoolers don't want to be presented to, they want to experience something directly
  • Breaking the monotony of the school day is critical, this audience loves fun/random/unexpected experiences
  • Litter prevention is not complex, do not talk down to students, keep it fun, light, and provide incentives to participate


  • View the 2018 Tour Report
  • 9 schools reached during our first tour with geographic and demographic diversity
  • 9 media appearances booked in every major Tennessee market (Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville, Chattanooga)
  • 1,000+ students reached directly by Trashsquatch and the Tri-Star Rangers
  • 100% of teachers and faculty (n=15) reported they would recommend our campaign to another school