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Nespresso / Amazon Integration

How can an established coffee system implement delivery functionality?

Redesigning a luxury coffee experience

I developed a strategy for how Nespresso could integrate with Amazon Prime, while continuing their sustainability practices. Using concept maps, customer journeys, storyboards, and vignettes, I created a guide for Nespresso employees to roll out Amazon Prime integration.



October - December 2018


Under the guidance of Austin Center for Design professors, I examined the digital and physical ecosystem of Nespresso and created visual artifacts to communicate how Nespresso stores and products would be modified by Amazon Prime integration.

My Roles

  • Conduct design research within Nespresso stores

  • Create concept maps and user journeys of the revised system, for customers and employees

  • Create sketches, vignettes, and storyboards to communicate changes within Nespresso stores

Research & Synthesis

We visited Nespresso’s Austin-area store to experience firsthand the sales experience. By interacting with staff and fellow customers, it became clear that the design aesthetics, simplicity of use, and luxury flourishes of all branded items are the dominant factors in the user experience.

Using a photo from research and transforming it into a sketch


Visualizations Based on Research

Contextual inquiry (observing people in the context of their work/life) was the basis of my Nespresso research. The images above show how a photograph from research developed into a sketch, and how the sketch was implemented into a larger series of vignettes.

User Journey: How a user interacts with web, in-store, and app touch points with Amazon Dash integration


Employees as Users

Adding Amazon Prime functionality provides a new journey not just for the customer, but also Nespresso store employees. Employees’ interactions with the space, updated products, and new customer expectations needed to be integrated to the ecosystem.

Vignettes: How an employee would add Amazon functionality into the customer experience


Amazon Prime integration must include the training of staff on new functionality.

Recycling is underutilized by current Nespresso customers. Integration provides a fresh opportunity to enlist new users to use Nespresso free recycling system.

Revised Nespresso Store Floorplan: How a new store would operate with Amazon integration


  • Developed a Nespresso “Employee Resource Guide” to communicate to both C-Suite executives and store staff how the Amazon Prime fits into the current system

  • Created high fidelity artifacts to communicate this company shift, including: concept map, user journey, revised store floor plan, and vignettes for employees